Stop Rape Culture: Teach Your Sons That NO MEANS NO.

Parents, teach your boys/young men that NO MEANS NO. Stop blaming women/victims.

It doesn’t matter how much she’s had to drink.
It doesn’t matter how short her skirt was.
It doesn’t matter how much of her tits were showing.
It doesn’t matter if she initially said yes then changed her mind.
It doesn’t matter about anything other than when she says no, it means STOP.

If you think this is a bunch of bullshit, imagine your mother, your sister, your wife or girlfriend, someone close to you being sexually assaulted, and tell me you still think rape isn’t a ‘big deal.’ Imagine the rage you’d feel, how you’d want to probably go murder the rapist, or at the least, put him in the hospital.

If you know this is going on and you choose to do nothing, you are just as guilty as the person committing the actual crime. Again, think of your mother, your grandmother, sister, wife, girlfriend, niece, any female that you are close to. You’d want to beat the shit out of someone for rape/sexual assault without even knowing if it was true or not when it involved someone you care about.

Why should someone you don’t know or don’t care about be subject to such a crime when you could have prevented it?

Fuck Patriarchy.

Fuck Patriarchy.

Teach your boys to not rape or sexually assault or even pressure anyone. Any other reply/answer to this other than “okay” means you trivialize women and the horrendous act of rape.

In fact, don’t counter with any other argument unless you want everyone to know that you support rape culture and refuse to teach your boys how to be real men instead of rapists.

How would you feel as a parent if your precious boy was arrested for rape/sexual assault? Would you blame it on the victim?

And while you’re at it, maybe teach them that if they see some shit like this going on, to STEP UP and be a man and put a fucking stop to it. Too many stories involve a bunch of dipshit dude-bros standing around egging someone on, or just not doing anything to stop it.

This isn’t society’s fault. This is the fault of parents not teaching their sons that this is an abhorrent crime that should NEVER be committed,  and it should NEVER be tolerated if they know it is happening.

My Wife Does Not Exist (and Yours Might Not Either!)

My wife, Carly, is a nerd. I just read a discussion elsewhere from some ‘dude’ who claimed since he didn’t game with females and never saw them in any of the gaming stores or such, they didn’t actually exist. Apparently the ‘women’ online are just us dudes pretending to be women because it’s our fantasy or we just don’t like how it seems to be a one-sided sausage fest.

So since she doesn’t exist, then I guess she isn’t someone that will kick the %#@$@ out of you in Team Fortress 2 round after round (as a medic too, haha, you n00b).

There was never a time period of time where she would blow your ship up in Eve-Online, capture your life pod, then force you to pay a ransom because she was a feared lowsec pilot in a damn good pirate alliance. And if you didn’t pay it, you could kiss your life pod and all those precious, expensive implants goodbye. Hello clone vat!

She’s never been ruthless enough to repeatedly wreck her poor, defenseless spouse with shells or stupid stars in Mario Kart (all versions) just so she can always win. (Dr. Mario, Tetris, and Carcassonne also).

She’s not the type of enigma that knows what a ‘replicant’ is, as well as knows what cylons are, the Ark of the Covenant, Jimmy Olsen, Cortanna, wtf a ‘WAAAAAAAGH!’ banner is, what ‘chummer’ means, fell in love with Alistair, cheers Ripley on, still loves Ewoks (remember, she’s a she, so we can forgive her this one transgression), and still hates that Terry Goodkind spent almost 9 of the 12 books re-explaining the story EVERY SINGLE TIME. WE GET IT MR. GOODKIND. She, me, and three others never 5-manned Deathwing. Continue reading