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NOTE: If you wish to purchase one of my books through this link instead of at Amazon/iTunes/Barnes & Noble/Kobo/Google Play, I receive 97% of the sale. If you buy through a retailer, I only receive 35% – 70% of the sale.

7 thoughts on “Book Shop!

    • I have started “Genesis-6” which is the next book in the series, and hope to get back to work on it very soon (going through some difficult life changes at this time). Beyond Genesis-6, I do have plans for 2-3 more books in the series. I’ll even post a few chapters of Genesis-6 sometime today or tonight so you can get an idea of where the story is headed. Thanks for reading, and even bigger thanks for leaving me a comment letting me know you enjoyed it!

      (PS if you want to be a beta reader, just let me know)

    • Ooook, uploaded Chapters 1-5. No timetable on when this will be done, as again, major life changes happening, but I love this universe/series, and have big plans for it. Thanks again!

      (PS chapters might be a bit rough, have not touched this story for a while, but it should be readable enough to not throw acid in my face if you see me in public!)

    • Hi! Yes, there’s more coming at some point. “Hallowed Journeys” is the next book, and will be a full-length novel. I have a couple of shorts already written if you’d like me to post them. No ETA on release, but I am working on it!

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