Upcoming Promotions for the Week of October 13-19!

I have a Couple of Promotions coming up this week!

Countdown which can be found on the Kobo Free Page this week and
The Minotaur (another great Halloween book!) being featured in this week’s DoubleCrossLit Promotion!

Countdown: October 15-20
“Countdown” is a companion story to “Departure.”

Andreada is only 20 and looking forward to the second half of her life before she has to step through the portal into the unknown. She’s young, in love with Navine, and leads the typical care-free life of those who reside in the city. After a terrible mistake, she is left with only two choices: step into the Justice portal reserved for criminals and misfits, or flee to The Bower district, a lawless undercity with no rules, no laws, and no place for a scared young woman on the run from the authorities.

22,000 words / 75 pages


The Minotaur: October 18-20
The Minotaur is a collection of Short Stories and Novellas in the Horror and Science Fiction genres (not appropriate for children or squeamish readers):

“The Minotaur” – 12-year-old Billy Jacobs battles the devil for his soul in a game of pinball.

“Members Only” – How much would you pay to experience your darkest desire?

“Symbiosis” – ‘I know how you feel’ is no longer an empty platitude thanks to the latest STRIKE therapy for soldiers returning home from combat.

“Paradoxis” – A serious vehicle accident ruins Anthony’s day, but it’s only the beginning…

“A Christmas Tale II” – A dark tale of Santa, stressed-out parents, and naughty little children.

42,000 total words (200 pages)

If you’re interested in Countdown and have yet to read Departure, you should grab that one (for free!) while you’re at it!


Today is my 40th birthday. It’s also my last day on Earth.
I get to do anything I want today, within reason, as long as I make it to the portal before my time is up.
What I want is to spend the day with Cara and my two young children.
I don’t know what awaits on the other side of the portal, I only know that certain death awaits me here if I refuse to go.

Some light adult content
14,600 word short story/novella

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