I Love Dreary Ol’ Seattle

I love Seattle. I love the whole area. And I love Portland, Oregon as well. I love the weather in the wintertime in Seattle. I cannot say I am truly fond of the summertime weather though.

Last time we visited, two or three years ago (I’m really bad with dates/times, as my wife will tell you while standing over my unconscious body with a frying pan in her hand), it was the beginning of July. I took only shorts and t-shirts, thinking I would be fine. It was July. Boise was sitting at about 100F for two weeks already.

I nearly froze to death. It was miserable, and I was cold the whole time. Not this year. This year we packed double, because you have to have shorts and t-shirts for the nice days, and pants and long sleeves and hoodies for the majority of the days. I have no doubt no matter how I dress, the locals will nudge each other in the ribs and whisper whatever their derogatory term is for tourists whenever they see me. I will gladly accept this, because it is true.

This year I think we’ll spend a few days in Bellevue, then head to the capitol. Since Carly is a history/geography/government teacher, she wants to go to Olympia. From there we might drive down I-5 until we get to Portland. I REALLY want to go to Powell’s Books again. I could camp out in there for three days and be the happiest human on earth (until they caught me and had me arrested, though they might feel bad that a human has no life to the point they’d hide in a bookstore until after closing just to read books…seriously, if you haven’t been to Powell’s Books, you must go.)

To make a short story long, goodbye Boise, hello Seattle and rain. I bet I end up writing a really depressing story about suicide. I don’t mean that in a jokey or glib fashion either. As much as I love Seattle, it makes me write very depressing stories. I’m not sure how artistic people can live there full time.

But I’d sure love to find out one day 😉

Progress update – 6/18/2013

I apologize for being silent so much. Not that anyone cares. The three of you that read my blog get annoying emails from me almost daily so…this is mostly to hear myself speak (type?).

I’m currently about 91,000 words into the book “Enforcer” and still cranking out about 3,000-10,000 words per night, closer to the 3k number really. Depends I guess, some nights I can go for two or three full chapters, sometimes I just have one in me. The title is still a working title, though it will most likely be the published title. It’s about a minor league hockey enforcer that gets tangled up with the Romanian mafia, moonlighting as an enforcer for them. Continue reading

It’s Better This Way (novella) – update

Hi everyone. I would just like to say that I’ve re-read the novella “It’s Better This Way” and found a few errors that need to be corrected. I always try to wait a couple of weeks to re-read things to make sure all the punctuation, grammar, spelling, and extra/lack of words are correct. If I wait a bit, the story becomes fresh in my brain again, and I can spot them easier.

As an independent, self-published author, I hate mistakes. They annoy me more than anything. Unfortunately, I do not have a professional editor at this time. So please hang tight while I make sure everything in the book is correct and proper. I’ll be uploading a new version in a few hours, so if you planned on downloading the book, wait a little bit and let me get the fixed version up so your reading experience won’t be marred by a few issues here or there.

The story won’t change one bit, but I’ve found a couple of places that were missing an important word and a few that either needed a comma or didn’t have a comma. Thanks for being understanding!