Stuff happened today…

Welp…I guess I’ve had a good day.

A Christmas Tale: #38 in Horror – Short Stories (Free)

It’s Better This Way: #10 SciFi – Alien Invasion / #38 SciFi – Post-Apoc (32 reviews, Free)

Ability – Part I: #37 SciFi – Post Apoc (Free)

All this really means is people will download anything and everything for free. Good ego boost, but only if people get really drunk, break out the credit cards and buy some words. Come on booze! Work your magic!

In other news, I’ve finally finished Part III of Ability. The first two parts were around 14,000 words each. Part III is sitting at almost 29,000 words. Part III is the conclusion of the first two parts, plus it sets the scene for “Progeny,” which will be Book II in the series.

I have to warn you…Part III is where the story begins spiraling down into a dark tale of just how awful humanity might be with strange new abilities. Racism, religious intolerance, bigotry of all kinds begins to rear its ugly head. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And finally…Diabolus. When I wake up, I’m going to cruise down the final home stretch and get it finished. I’m very excited for this story, to the point I’m thinking of hiring a ‘real’ artist to create something custom just for me with his paint and canvas. This kind of thing runs into the $500 range, which is pretty damn spendy, but that’s how much I love this story.

I’m sure there will be plenty of the faithful that will hate it, mostly because I’m an atheist, even though it is written from the perspective of devout Catholics, and if anything, is a positive spiritual journey for anyone that believes in God.

The haters will of course focus on the hard questions that get raised. Hopefully everyone else, even fellow atheists and agnostics, will accept it as a story that makes the brain work hard, warms the heart even through tragedy, and makes the spirit rejoice that we are all God’s creatures, no matter which God we believe in.