It’s Better This Way – update

Hello all. It seems that “It’s Better This Way” is popular enough that the most consistent complaint I’ve received (basically about 90% of everyone that has read it and didn’t hate it outright) is that it was too short, and readers want more.

It’s Better This Way

So I have some okay news, possibly good news. I’ve had Cherise Kelley, a professional editor, fix all of the nagging little problems in “It’s Better This Way.” I hadn’t read the story in months, and was looking through it as I needed some information for a new story I’m working on in the same universe…and I noticed how awful the grammar, punctuation, and such were. Sure, it’s a pretty decent read as-is, but I would like to be considered a professional writer at some point, and that means having work that is as free of those problems as possible.

Keep in mind that that book was the second thing I ever published, with the first being a test short story just to learn the interface at Amazon and Smashwords. I had very little help when it came to actual editing, and fixed the book up once on 6/11/2013, even to the point I convinced Amazon to send out an email to everyone letting them know the book had an update available.

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