New Release – “Ability” (Omnibus Edition)

“Ability” is finally released in an omnibus edition, available for $2.99 at Amazon and other e-tailers.

The end of the world began on YouTube…
Brian Carter wanted to create a superior recreational substance.
Garret Stewart wanted to create the next evolution in learning.
Derry Clarkson wanted her two best friends to see reason.
What happens when the perfect drug meets the perfect technology?

Ability is a dark urban tech-fantasy set in the near future.
Contains Parts I – III (complete)
Adult Language / Mature Themes
60,159 words

New Release – “Chasing Time”

“Chasing Time” is a lighthearted adventure through time, and is available at Amazon and other e-tailers for $2.99

A snarky, cynical government operative is sent back in time to 5th century France, during the reign of Clovis and the Frankish Empire.

His mission: to find and eliminate Dr. Barnard Jameson, a rogue scientist, before history can be significantly altered.

Finding Bertric, aka Dr. Jameson, was the easy part. Eliminating the smirking, pudgy little scientist proves to be a lot harder than he expected.

Adult language
60,215 words

EXTRA: One bonus short story & a preview of another upcoming time travel novel titled “Search Terms” included.