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I’ve just published Part II of Ability. You can snag it here:

Ability – II

This is a big step for me, as it marks my real entry into the world of writing…since I’m actually charging for most of my books from here on. I feel like I’ve done pretty well with “It’s Better This Way,” and am hoping these other books I have either published, or will be publishing very soon, will capture readers in the same positive way.

“Alive, Or Just Breathing” is a full-length novel that is in final editing. It’s a very dark, adult-oriented story about two teenagers trying to make it through their last two years of high school. One has an emotionally absent father, the other has a drunken, physically abusive father. It’s a pretty bitter tale, to be honest.

“Enforcer” is the other full-length novel. It’s about a kid who was supposed to be a superstar in the National Hockey League, but before he was even drafted, a terrible on-ice accident nearly killed him. Eight years later, he’s still toiling away in the minor leagues as a fan-favorite enforcer. When the owner of the team, a Romanian mobster, offers him some work on the side, things soon spiral out of control.

There you have it. Those two novels, plus “Ability” are what I’ve been hard at work on for the last couple of months. Well, those stories and this other one that I’m really kind of excited to release. I’m about 85% done writing it. It’s about two Catholic priests who are tasked by the Vatican to do an ‘exorcism’ on a rogue nuclear-capable AI that believes it is Satan incarnate, and is looking to bring about the apocalypse.

I’ll keep you up to date without spamming you too much 😉

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