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So in an attempt to be a better blogger, I guess I will try to find random things to talk about when I’m supposed to be working. I wrote 2,600 words already, so now I want to write some words that I don’t have to think about too much (other than keeping my foot from being irresistibly tasty to the point I put it in my mouth).

#1 – There was a gay wedding at West Point. I’m kind of ashamed that I even have to post something like this. I’m already tired of talking about gay marriage. Not because I oppose it (if you think that, you’ve never read a single word I’ve read), but because it should die and go away, and the ‘moral’ part of society needs to get over themselves and realize the world has moved on, once again, without them.

These are the same kinds of wunder-minds that believe women should be subservient to men, that one race (usually the ‘white’ race) is superior to another/others, and that their version of God is the one and only true correct path. Gay humans have existed since we crawled out of the primordial soup. Go read some Greek classics. Actually, go read some bible. Jesus never once says anywhere in the New Testament that homosexuality is something that needs to be addressed (with lightning bolts, fire & brimstone, and eternal hell).

#2 – Walt Bellamy died. If you don’t know who this is, Google is your friend. I typically don’t link to things in these types of posts because I expect anyone that reads this nonsense to be objective enough and resourceful enough to find news on their own, and read BOTH sides of it to find out how ridiculous one side, the other side, or both sides are.

#3 – Reading just about anything on Huffington Post is an exercise in ridiculousness. It’s exasperating. It makes brain cells die. And yet I can’t help but click the articles that tell me how to spot my wife’s slip-ups when she’s cheating on me. Or how to sexually please women over forty. Or fifty. Or twenty.

I used to believe the Cosmopolitan articles aimed at women becoming ‘better’ lovers or ‘more adventurous’ lovers were the best. Articles that would say moronic things like “take his testicle between your teeth and bite down hard enough to make him squirm.” I’m not making this shit up. It’s obviously written by a woman and was edited by a woman because anyone with a testicle will tell you that this is the easiest way to earn a divorce/trip to the hospital/slow poison routine to make you suffer endlessly (or at least for a few years until your life insurance has matured).

But I was wrong. HuffPost articles about relationships…hell, their articles about anything these days are a joke. Not that they’ve ever been a real news site like Al Jazeera (yes, I watch their news because it is actual news, not a bunch of talking heads giving opinions on incorrectly-reported news), NPR, PBS.

#4 – Scott Carpenter also died. If you don’t know who this is, and you are into science fiction, you probably should put the science fiction books down long enough to take a breath and see what’s happening in the real word.

#5 – Everyone is still talking about Miley Cyrus. I liked her better as Hannah Montana. But who gives a shit what she’s up to? We all watched Madonna do crazy shit for years, and look where that led her…she’s Jewish. Lady Gaga is still crazy, and still doing good things for young persons coming to terms with their sexuality. Miley Cyrus is a Disney princess that has escaped from the prison. Think of her as a Katie Holmes for teenagers.

And finally, #6 – a new “Death To America” song is gaining popularity in places where America is sort of frowned upon. It’s actually a catchy tune. I wonder if I seem to terrorists like soccer moms do to hip-hop artists when they catch Cindy humming about ‘blurred lines’ without actually understanding what the song is about.

I’m going to go find it and post it. Then I’ll upload any videos of Homeland Security kicking in my door. This will be a proper test of just how far the NSA snoops ;).

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