“End of the Line” published!

“End of the Line” is a pretty dark tale about the last dozen human soldiers left in the galaxy as they witness the horrors of war against an alien enemy who knows (nor shows) no mercy. It’s an adult tale, so it has profanity, violence, and adult situations (like sex stuff but nothing graphic).

Give it a read on your Kindle (it’s exclusive to Amazon for the first 90 days) for $2.99 by clicking on the image below!

Many, MANY special thanks to Trevor Smith for painting such a gorgeous cover, and to Rebecca Weaver for doing such great typography!

1 thought on ““End of the Line” published!

  1. Hey Travis, looks like you caught me. My wife has decided that being a veterinarian/public health officer/aspiring yoga instructor/librarian just isn’t enough so she has taken up writing. In between classes she asked me to put together some projects for her. I recalled some of your older posts had a lot more to do with technique than some of your later stuff so I figured it would be worth a read to get some ideas. Plus it’s nice reading things that only occasionally make me angry, unlike reading the message boards or comments section of virtually every other website on the web.

    My wife likes your stories by the way. I don’t know what she has read but she didn’t really have anything terribly critical to say, so that’s something, right?

    I’ll certainly give your new book a read. If you have any exercises for new writers I’d be interested in reading that too. I want to get her out of her comfort zone. That’s not a euphemism (probably).

    Oh, and I’m no longer in the service. I left a couple months ago due to…special circumstances.

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