Return to Innocence

Hey, all. Travis here. I’m very sick with the flu (never marry a school teacher if you abhor getting sick regularly!), but thought I would update and let everyone know that “Return to Innocence” is live @ Amazon.

It’s my first “vampire” story, and I hope everyone likes it (and I hope no one is expecting “Twilight” style of vampires because my vampires are a bit darker than that).

If you are a KindleUnlimited member, or an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow the book for free. Otherwise, it is $2.99. However, if you contact me, I will give you a free copy, saving you $2.99 (and the rage of spending $2.99 on a terrible story!).

Return to Innocence - vampires!

Return to Innocence – vampires!

Many thanks to Rebecca Weaver for the awesome cover!

4 thoughts on “Return to Innocence

  1. Hi Travis, sorry to hear you’re ill! First, I found this looking for you because the number I have is no longer yours. I met you thru Chunga and your phone dialed me one day. If that helps spark the memory. I would like to discuss a meeting.
    An added bonus….was finding this page. If it’s still possible I would love a copy and autographed if possible!!!!! PLEASE & THANK YOU!!!!

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