“Diabolus” update

Yay! I just finished “Diabolus” tonight, which means in a week I can finally go back through it and edit it into something readable. A lot of people have been waiting for this story for a long time, and I’ve sort of been putting off finishing it while waiting for the artist to finish the covers.

Well, it looks like I’m going to be finding a new artist, as I’ve not heard from the guy who was doing my artwork for a couple of months. It has been six months total since I first came to an agreement with him, and six months later, I still haven’t received an invoice or anything close to a finalized drawing. So… back to the drawing board (literally).

Anyway, if you haven’t been paying attention (which is everyone but my wife), Diabolus is about two Vatican priests who are tasked with ‘exorcising’ a nuclear forces AI that claims to be Satan incarnate. It’s a cross between Skynet – The Exorcist – The Matrix. Good stuff.

I also have a couple more stories that are with editors, but those editors… are like the artist. I’ve not heard anything from them in almost two weeks, so looks like it is time to find new editors as well. Whatever. I’mma keep writin’.

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