First post/introductions :)

Well hello everyone, I’m happy to be able to have a slot to write on Travis’s website. Let me start by telling you a little about myself.

I’m Momiji, a female college student living in suburban America. I love cats, RPG’s, Korean Soap Opera’s, and junk food. My purpose here is to expand my writing skills under this mentor (and maybe blow off a little steam from the more stressful parts of my life). I’m going to post a lot of poems, a few fiction stories, and a lot of blog-type entries about the struggles of what it is like living in my generation in college.

Guess I’ll start off with a poem for you all tonight. Please don’t be afraid to like or comment! Thank you. 🙂

I am stuck inside my head
When I leave home,
I leave my thoughts in bed
My heart says it does not want to play
I don’t know where to but my love has gone astray
Every hour I put myself out in my ashtray
It’s funny how I used to think
That all those stupid little cigarettes ever really
Helped a thing

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