The America Is Full Of Stupids #1

I had a pleasant dream the other day. The dream was that America was full of intelligent people who actually read books, newspapers, and websites that were full of facts. An America where an opinion was something that you maybe didn’t agree with, but were at least respectful enough to allow that someone else might have a different one than yours. An America that wasn’t full of mindless drool-tards that got their information from one source and tweeted/tumbld/facebooked it the instant they saw it instead of actually checking to see if information was factual or just opinion.

But then I woke up.

Today, I am reminded of the fact that my dream was simply that: a dream. Not reality. You see, today, Easter Sunday, Google did one of their little ‘doodles’ and the picture was of CESAR CHAVEZ, an AMERICAN BORN (Yuma, AZ) farm labor rights activist who helped found the United Farm Workers of America.

The drool-tards didn’t quite understand the slight distinction between Cesar Chavez, and Hugo Chavez. Now Hugo was a dictator from a country in South America called Venezuela. You know, the guy that just died recently, and was a colorful strongman that was no friend of America. So in typical dipshit, redneck, mouth-breathing, neckbeard style, the nutters showed up to social media in droves to protest Google for featuring some ‘goddamned spic dictator communist’ (one of the less inventive but still colorful insults across the web today) on Jesus’s resurrection day.

Some mouth-breathers weren’t the product of brother-sister sexual relations and figured out that Cesar and Hugo were two very different people. But they still showed up to social media and proved that just because you weren’t born of incest doesn’t mean you can’t be an ignorant fuckwad with comments like: “Why you put this beaner on Google front page instead of JESUS???” and “It’s Easter and you put up some wetback farmer?”. Again, just a small sample of the stupidity that has shown up around the web today.

The best of the non-racist comments were cries of foul for Google putting some ‘guy’ on the doodle instead of colored eggs. Or a fluffy bunny.

And here folks, is where society begins to break down. The America is full of stupids when mindless, ignorant drones begin to be able to have a voice loud enough to sway other mindless, ignorant drones by simply relaying a chemical signal (stupidity) that causes a chain reaction within the population.

Now I’m not saying anyone should be censored. No, far from that. Everyone deserves a voice. My goal would be to educate people from the time they are very young so that when Google, or any other source of information presents something educational or interesting, the overwhelming majority of citizens of this country at least have a fucking clue what is being said or who is being discussed. Since there isn’t a single person with a healthy amount of brain material in their skulls that would mistake one of the most important labor leaders in America for a dude that was a dictator in a country on another continent.

But hey, you know those ‘Mexicans’ right? They all look/sound alike and they all have Chavez or Gonzales or Hernandez for a last name. They probably all worked on a lettuce farm or joined a street gang. That, of course, is after they all crossed the border illegally with 19 of their close family strapped to their backs.

So here’s a big FUCK YOU to about 50% of America. Because you people have the power to help change our society for the better, to progress us into the 21st century and beyond, and instead you shout from the rooftops (facebook squares? twitter corners?) your ignorance, your inability to even lift a finger to check and see if some information is suspect if you don’t know right off the top of your head. No one expects you dullards to be MENSA members and have photographic memories or win at Jeopardy. But it is expected of you to at least attempt to know how to crack a book, or google a name before you go on a fantastically embarrassing rant that only makes you and the rest of your fellow citizens look like raving, uneducated lunatics.

By the way, Jesus coming back from the dead had, at last fact check by me and many others, NOTHING TO DO WITH COLORED EGGS OR FLUFFY BUNNIES. I thought I’d throw that in there just as some commentary.

The rest of you, the ones with a brain and ability to further the human race’s evolution towards a species that doesn’t kill itself through war or pollution or some other man-made disaster, keep your chins up. Don’t be like me, wasting your time yelling at people who are too thick-skulled/religious/inbred to try, for humanity’s sake, to change.

Waste your time teaching a child. Do whatever you can to make them thinking, logical, curious citizens. Maybe if we do this for enough of our young then in a generation or three we will have rooted out a majority of ignorance, racism, hatred, bigotry.

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