Superior Cat Litter Box For Cheap!

Well…we are done! Only thing left is to fill it with your favorite litter. I’m finally sick of all the dust from the litter we’ve been buying from Costco for years. We’ve probably put three or four kids through college on the amount we’ve spent on litter grrrrr.

This is dust-free clay litter...we'll see how it goes...

Now, we typically put two of the boxes front-to-front like this next picture, and then the third is somewhere else in the house. It isn’t a mystery or scavenger hunt, the cats know where it is =). The left box has this Swheat something or other litter that we are testing. Mostly dust-free, made of wheat or something. Sounds gimmicky, but cat nerds on internet discussion sites say it works good. Internet cat nerds aren’t always correct though…

TWO boxes of litter, ah ah ah! -- Count Von Count

So, just put lids on, some kind of mat or carpet between them or in front of them to catch the stuff they track out of the box (this is impossible to stop, so you just sort of get used to being an expert with the vacuum ). BLAMM-O! You are done!

Yay! Lids! Now let's go outside and play in the sun-snow!

Total cost (assuming you already have a Dremel, marker, tape measure, coffee, Rockstar drink, winter clothing, old paint stir stick to make straight lines, and electricity): about $50 for the boxes. They were $16.99 or something each. The ones we are finally getting rid of cost about the same, and have lasted almost six years. Six years for $50 is a great deal, and these things are nice and large for multi-cat environments.

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