Superior Cat Litter Box For Cheap!

So first I have to tell you that we have 6 (SIX!) cats. Do NOT ask me how we came to the conclusion that having this many cats would be a good thing. It is not. None of them have a job. None of them pick up after themselves. All of them leave hair, hairballs, puke, and shredded human items everywhere. The one thing they do NOT leave around the house though is their urine/feces. This is because for the last ten years or so I have been using my own custom-made litter boxes.

We start doing weird, deviant things when Dad is messing with our litter boxes!

I’ll tell you how to save some money, and possibly make your life easier.

Now, the first thing you want to do is head down to your local Target, Lowe’s, whatever, and look for the Sterlite 45 gallon bins. They don’t have to be Sterlite. They can be whatever you want them to be, but keep in mind a couple of things:

1. Make sure the container has a lid. Trust me on this.

2. Make sure the container has wheels on the bottom at at least one end. Trust me on this also!

3. Make sure that on the interior bottom, there is nothing raised like corner reinforcements. There will be raised areas at the back because of the wheels, but this is okay. If the corners of the bin/container have raised reinforcements, well, good luck doing effective scooping once your cats start using the litter box.

4. You want the container to be made of semi-flexible plastic. If you get the really rigid (usually the see-through) stuff, it will be an absolute disaster because it will not flex properly when you move it around or clean it, and it will lose a lot of strength once you cut it for a hole so your cat(s) can get in and out!

Right. So. First…the tools!

Notice the Rockstar energy drink, the coffee thermos, and the BBQ grill brush. Two of these things are important for this job.

I’m using a Dremel MultiPro and I have the little round cutting wheels. These are best for working with plastic of this kind, but remember to ALWAYS USE THE LOW SPEED. Trust me on this as well. High speed = big pools of liquid plastic (and if this stuff gets on your skin, it makes melted cheese feel like a day at the beach. BURN!). The energy drink and coffee are important tools as well, since Jeff and I just woke up, and it was %#@$@# freezing cold outside (it snowed this day three different times, all with the sun out…).

USE LOW SPEED ONLY! If you have to get skin grafts because you got billion-degree melted plastic on you, do NOT cry to me...

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