Story Counter – updated 7/1/2016

Rough draft / editing status

Transfer – 100% / 100% edit (131,150 words / 400-ish pages)
1. Launch Sequence I – 100% rough draft / 0% edit (29,245 words)
2. Launch Sequence II – 45% rough draft / 0 edit (40,000 words est.)
3. Genesis-6 – 15% rough draft / 0% edit (unknown – 75,000 words est.?)
4. Killswitch – 65% rough draft / 0% edit (25,000 words est.)
5. Rebirth – 35% rough draft / 0% edit (25,000 words est.)
Extraction – 66% rough draft / 10% edit (125,000 words est.)
Razor’s Edge – 25% rough draft / 0% edit (60,000 words est.)
It’s Harder This Way – 100% rough draft / 25% edit (30,000 words)

(Eh… I’m on a bit of a terror at the moment and books are finally getting knocked out)
(and yes, that IS correct… “It’s Harder This Way” is the sequel to “It’s Better This Way” and it’s getting written right now. Should be done with the rough draft by the end of March. Full novel!)

2 thoughts on “Story Counter – updated 7/1/2016

    • Hi, Nikki,

      I have the full version ready (in its 3rd round of editing) if you want to give it a pre-release read. Some major plot points have changed, but it’s still essentially the same story. Just better. Took out some of the sex that was completely unnecessary and fixed a lot of issues (these kinds of stories are hard as hell to keep everything together heh).

      “The Big Bhang” is also 100% complete and ready to be consumed if you’d like to check that one out. I’ll warn you up front it is about a human who has to save mankind from the galactic alliance by growing the most potent marijuana in the galaxy… so… you know… there’s that. Someone said it was “Douglas Adams meets Cheech & Chong” which is pretty cool until I tell you Douglas Adams rose from the dead, knocked on my door, then proceeded to kick the everloving shit out of me in front of all my neighbors…

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