Avatar – The Review

What a fucking CROCK OF UTTER SHIT. My God. This is the guy who gave us The Terminator and Titanic (as much as I hated Titanic, I have to admit it was a pretty damn good movie really). Someone must have clocked Mr. Cameron in the head repeatedly with an iron bar as this tripe is so fucking cliche, so…intensely STUPID, I honestly can’t figure out how this movie ever made it off the cutting-room floor.

This is the absolute WORST MOVIE EVER MADE. I should sue Cameron for the three hours of my life that I can never recover. This movie is worse than Plan 9 From Outer Space. This movie is worse than Terminator 4. This movie is worse than Batman & Robin. This movie is worse than anything Rob Schneider ever made. It is even worse than anything the Wayan’s Brothers have ever produced.


Yes…even worse than the last three Star Wars movies, which up until I saw this pile of burning garbage, were movies that I had serious doubts about my will to live and nearly offed myself numerous times over.

I give this stinking heap of retardation a 1 out of 10. It gets a 1 only because again, the CGI/animation is the absolute most superb I have ever watched. Beyond that, as they say, a polished, golden turd is still a turd.

Yes. You will die watching this travesty. You have been warned!


3 thoughts on “Avatar – The Review

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  2. Travis, time for you to join American Morons Anonymous: you tell readers if they “haven’t bothered to learn proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling, I will probably post it for everyone to read so they can see exactly why Americans are some of the dumbest morons on the planet.” In the same breath, you commit the unpardonable grammatical sin of using “as” in place of because or since: “I decided I had better sleep on my thoughts before I wrote out this review, as if I wrote it last night immediately after watching it, you would be reading a review filled with about 95% curse words” – you have the double whammy of “as if” tripping the reader. Beware: the grammar police may come steal your Zebra ink refills.

    • Didn’t you see the badge on my page? I’m not just a member of American Morons Anonymous, I’m the founder, CEO, and vice-president. And executive chef. And… a security guard named Jack? Okay. I’m also a security guard named Jack. Cool!

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