“It’s Harder This Way” rough draft finished!

I know a lot of readers have been waiting for 4+ years for the sequel to “It’s Better This Way.” Well, you’re in luck (maybe, depends on if you hate it or not haha). I’ve just finished the rough draft and first major edit of the sequel.

It’s right at 30,000 words, but that’s just the first book. There’s at least 3-5 more 30k word novellas left. Normally I hate serials but I know readers are probably impatient so I’ll release each chunk as soon as I’m done with it. Plus, it will spur me to keep writing until the whole story is done. Hopefully 😉

It’s Better This Way – new novella published

Just in case you are one of the three people who follow me and didn’t yet know this, I got around to publishing the short novella “It’s Better This Way” over at Smashwords and Amazon. Amazon of course takes 12+ hours to approve, but the link for Smashwords will work just fine.

It’s Better This Way – FREE! @ Smashwords

It’s Better This Way – FREE! (soon hopefully, otherwise $.99) @ Amazon

Twenty-three years ago, the ‘bulls’ appeared in orbit and destroyed Earth’s infrastructure in less than ten seconds.

These days, the alien invaders aren’t as much of a problem as the surviving humans are.

Evan Greggs has learned that things aren’t always as bad as they seem, but sometimes the choices to be made are as murky as they are difficult.

24,000 word novella.

It's Better This Way - book cover

Yay! A novella!